Women’s Handgun and Self Defense Fundamentals

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NOTE:  This course is not approved for obtaining a concealed carry permit in Kentucky.

Women’s Handgun and Self Defense Fundamentals

Created by a woman for women, Beth Alcazar, USCCA Associate Editor and Senior Training Counselor, Women’s Handgun and Self-Defense Fundamentals is a welcoming and engaging training course with multiple layers of instruction.

This course, featuring three distinct levels that can be separated or taken in combination (Women’s Basic Pistol, Women’s Intermediate Pistol, and Women’s Defensive Pistol), the course is designed to reach students who are brand new to firearms (and maybe have never picked up a gun before) through those who are ready to learn more about defensive shooting and take the next step with their firearms skills, tools, and mindset.

The fundamentals of shooting will be introduced, reviewed, and built upon, while also exploring universal safety rules, situational awareness, common types of handguns, ammunition types, marksmanship skills, advanced firearms handling, defensive pistol fundamentals, and the use of deadly force.  Specifically, Women’s Handgun and Self-Defense Fundamentals is all about sharing the basics—along with the fun, the seriousness, and the importance of being a responsibly armed female.

The course also includes a copy of the 175 page book:

Women’s Handgun and Self Defense Fundamentals by Beth Alcazar

Book (included free with class) can be purchased separately for just $35!

Course is presented in two parts:

Women’s Basic Pistol and Women’s Intermediate Pistol Course – (8 hour Course)

  • Course price : $100
  • Women’s Defensive Pistol (Advanced) module is optional, and not required

 Women’s Defensive Pistol (Advanced) – (6 hour Course)

  • Course price:  $35
  • Women’s Basic and Women’s Intermediate Pistol must be completed prior to taking the Advanced course

Bring to Class:  Pistol you intend to use; 200 rounds of ammunition; spare magazines; strong side hip holster with retention (must cover trigger / trigger guard); quality belt designed to carry pistol and loaded magazines;  hearing and eye protection.  If available, bring speed loaders.  I will loan you hearing and eye protection if needed.

Appropriate dress for the class:  high neck shirts, pants or shorts with rigid belt, close toed-shoes, or sneakers acceptable.

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Optional Add-On: Our Interactive Scenario Based Simulator Training!

Our simulator gives you the opportunity to safely practice what you have learned in class at minimal cost. If you wish to add simulator training to this class, we can do that. It’s entirely your choice, and is an opportunity to practice what you have learned in this course, prior to live fire. Due to the expense of the equipment, a slight surcharge will be added for simulator time. The surcharge will be $20 per hour, in additional to the class. Length of time on simulator is, again, entirely your choice. You would use more than $20 an hour in ammunition on the range.

Sample videos from the simulator trainer can be seen by clicking the icon below:

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