Interactive Scenario Based Simulation Training

Interactive Scenario Based Simulation Training!

If you own a gun for personal and/or home defense, the need to practice is critical. Going to the range to shoot at paper targets is necessary to acquire certain shooting skills but that’s not enough to prepare yourself for a potential life or death shooting incident. Our simulator training helps you with this preparation.

Our Interactive Scenario Based Simulation Trainer presents a variety of interactive video simulations depicting such life threatening possibilities as home invasions, muggings, carjackings, and more. It also includes interactive videos to practice shoot / don’t shoot (threat assessment) scenarios – FBI’s Hogan’s Alley type scenarios, moving steel and gun range targets for sight picture, stance, and grip practice, and even the Tueller Drill.

Simulation training applications improve performance, save lives and can compress the time required to develop skills. In some cases, simulators can even provide more effective training than live fire can.

Our simulation trainer will work with a SIRT pistol, your own pistol (most common calibers), or even an AR-15 !

VIDEOS: Below are a few sample videos of student results, using the simulator. There are student mistakes made, missed shots, and innocent people hurt (simulated) due to these mistakes. These scenarios are random and don’t present themselves in the same order or magnitude each time the simulation is run. Training and practice are needed. Better to make the mistakes here, rather than when your life, or your family’s life may be a stake. See if you can spot mistakes made…

Paper Targets

Moving Steel Targets

Short Scenarios

More Scenarios

Hogan’s Alley

  • Course price: $60.00 This price covers 1.5 hours of simulator training. If additional time is needed, we will arrange a negotiated hourly rate for you.
  • To register now, make a non-refundable deposit to hold seat: $25.00

Call me to make sure a class isn’t sold out before you make a deposit please.

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