Children’s Firearms & Safety Fundamentals

Children’s Firearms & Safety Fundamentals course is a FAMILY course. This means you can attend this course with the intention of passing on what you have learned to your children, OR, you can attend with them.

It is a comprehensive guide designed to address the topic of firearms and safety with kids of all ages, (as young and 3 and up – customizable due to age and maturity of the child) and to provide a positive, welcoming, and fun learning experience for youth – all while promoting the safe, responsible and ethical use of firearms.

This course provides the information and the skills you need for you, the parent, and for the young people with whom you share this – to be more confident, capable and safe with firearms.

In this class we will cover:

  • Firearm and ammunition fundamentals
  • 4 Universal Gun Safety Rules
  • How to safely handle firearms at home and on the range
  • Accident prevention and safe firearm storage
  • How to make gun safety a family responsibility

We do require that those who wish to learn how to teach children have a solid foundational understanding of firearms and safety. To fulfill this, either a demonstration of proper firearms handling and safety as guided by an instructor, or completion of a fundamentals course are prerequisite to this course. Are you ready to become the instructor that your young loved ones need? Use this opportunity for your family to become better protected and prepared today!

How the next generation learns about firearms and firearm safety is not only important to them developing a healthy respect for firearms and appreciation for the safety involving them, but it is pivotal to the future of gun ownership in America.

Their experience can be an educational, welcoming one that sparks a lifelong appreciation and respect for firearms and the firearms community. Or it can be tainted by misinformation, fear and toxic bias. How they learn is up to you.

Every gun owner has to answer one vital question: Who do you trust to teach your kids and your family about firearms and gun safety? Who better to teach them than the ones who love them most and know them best – YOU!

Many Americans have chosen to simply hide knowledge about guns from our youth, creating not only a taboo that curious young minds may be attracted to, but also a potentially dangerous situation if the child were to encounter a firearm.

But building a keen appreciation and respect for firearms from an early age is key to helping the next generation embrace their Second Amendment rights and build a safety-focused approach to firearms and many other things they may encounter.

This course will teach you how to make the topic of firearms and safety a positive, welcoming and fun experience for the entire family. You will learn how to introduce your own family to the world of situational awareness, firearms ownership, the gun-safety rules, basic terminology and an understanding of how to properly use firearms. Whether you are a parent or a grandparent, family member or family friend, you will feel confident in your ability to educate and empower the next generation to responsibly and safely handle firearms.

You will be provided with a ‘Training Certificate(s)’ upon successful completion of this course.

You will receive a copy of the 128 page manual shown below

The Children’s Firearms & Safety Fundamentals Course price is just $75!

  • Course price: $75.00 Note: This price includes parent(s) and one ‘child’ student. If (parent(s) wish to enroll multiple ‘children’ please register, via the dollar bill below, the appropriate number of times for each student, by name. This will ensure that I have the correct amount of books and materials on hand.
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